Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekend Perfection

The last while has been complete and utter chaos for this sweet family of mine. I can't remember a week or weekend that has been just ours. After helping my sweet sister and her family pack their house and get moved last weekend (all weekend) we decided it didn't matter what tried to get in the way, this weekend was ours and ours alone. We would say no to everything else-church calling things and all. We desperately needed it. We were blessed with a decent tax return and decided that even amidst the rough patch of our life we would take some of that or our weekend. Friday, after school, we hit the matinee showing of Zootopia. To this point, Preston has yet to ever sit in the theater (we tried Cinderella at the $1 show once over the summer-no bueno, super no bueno) so I was a little nervous. All the kids, including him did PERFECT! The movie was fantastic and so was our night. There was a moment, right after the "scary" part where all the kids were huddled in, either on Mike and I's laps or snuggled in to our arms, and I found myself looking at my sweet family and feeling this overwhelming gratitude for them and this perfect moment. We went to dinner afterward and the kiddos were equally as good as at the theater. We headed home, got clothes out for the next day put the kids to bed and Mike and I snuggled on the couch. He actually feel asleep before I even got in there. Coming off of his night shift means a weekend of not functioning. I still loved it though. We slept in and had a lazier than lazy Saturday morning and then headed out to the Botanical Gardens. I wish I could say it was all perfect and there was no arguing or fighting...not the case but it was still fantastic. We ran some errands afterward and came home to haircuts, showers, dinner and church prep for the next day. Today was great and I just feel so overly grateful for a much needed family weekend.

On a slightly different note, we also had a very positive week last week. We came to an agreement on our house quickly-which was wonderful. Thursday, Mike was offered a job that will hold us over until our move and may have extremely positive side affects for where we are moving to. And this job means???? NO MORE NIGHT SHIFTS!!! This past month has been extremely hard doing that shift. Don't get me wrong, we were really grateful to have something but nights are less than ideal for a young family...or any family for that matter. We feel very blessed! Friday was the inspection on the house. We are still waiting to hear how that went and are a little nervous as it was a very long inspection. We are praying that nothing too significant came up and that things continue to move in the right direction-whatever that may be. We may not have really wanted to move but again, we are so grateful to have a direction now. It has been far too long of limbo and feeling completely lost and like everything we were trying to do was pointless and leading to a dead end. So, yay to good news!

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