Monday, April 21, 2008

Such a Good Helper!

At some point, when she is big enough, she will be quite humiliated with some of the pictures that I have put on here but...she'll get over it though, right?! I just had to write and say that I think our little baby has become our big girl! Maddie is pretty much potty trained! She didn't have an accident all day today until right before bed and that would be my fault completely! I was on the phone and didn't take her when she told me she had to go and then as soon as I got off she barely started going, I caught her and she stopped, thankfully! We ran to the potty where she finished and was a great day!!! The only thing we have to do now is conquer naps and night time! That one will probably take a while so, I will be a lot more patient with that one! Good job Maddie, we love you!

The other big girl moment came yesterday as she helped Daddy make our breakfast dinner. She sat on the counter and helped him stir batter. She loves to help out around the house, like make food, help Mommy sweep and today she helped me clean the bathroom. She is growing up way too fast but it is so much fun! You will see her helping stir and then she enjoys what she made, thoroughly enjoys...we found syrup through today on things!


Chris and Amanda said...

Good for Maddie! Congrats on getting her potty trained so early. Happy birthday to Mike!

M&A Jury said...


Evan and Jamie said...

Congrats Maddie!! We miss you! You and Cars would be quite the little chefs!