Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Good luck bubbles!"

And that is what Miss Makinley hollered to those beautiful "rainbow colored" bubbles as they floated away. I love the minds of little children, I wish we could go inside their little brains and see what is going through it, as they learn and grow and develop. She and Maddie had a wonderful time this hot and early July morning. I loved watch them out there in their jammies jut having a wonderful time.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

These kids...

they make our life complete. They make everyday crazy, fun, exciting, tiring, frustrating, happy, and just completely wonderful. We love them to pieces

Sunday, June 22, 2014

And let's not forget this boy too...

who happens to be 10 months old today!! I can't even believe it!
This "almost year" has flown by.
This boy has brought so much happiness to this family of ours. He's a smiley and happy boy. The last few weeks have been a bit rough do to the poor boy trying to get 4 new teeth in at one time-all on top. While he army crawled forever, he is now crawling like a champ. He's pulling up on everything and walking along the furniture. He is a Momma's boy through and through! He loves to say "Ma-ma-ma-ma" when he is sad or looking for's kind of the cutest thing ever! He LOVES his brother and sisters-adores them actually. He loves, loves, loves his daddy too-he couldn't be more excited when he walks in the door after work. Preston is just a joy and we love him to pieces!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This boy...

is about the sweetest kid you will ever meet. 
He is so tender hearted and would do just about anything for just about anyone. He is a friend to everyone, and such a great helper. His Daddy is his hero and the man he looks up to. He won an award at school this year. One kiddo from each grade is picked for the Finley Award. It is a character award, recognizing them for kindness, courtesy towards others, honesty and willingness to just help all those around them. We couldn't have been more proud of him. He teaches all of us what it means to be Christlike and we love him so much for it. Plus, look at that cute smile and those adorable ears! :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

And then this girl...

This girl...oh, this girl.
I feel like this picture captures her to a T.
She's spunky, energetic, HILARIOUS, sweet, sassy, loving and did I mention HILARIOUS???! :)
Our family would not function the same without her, there wouldn't be near the laughter, headaches, and joy. 
Love you Miss Makinley.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

This girl

I can't say enough about this girl. I just lover her to death.
She is getting too old, nearly 7 1/2 and wise beyond her years. She loves art and her art kit for Christmas has been the best, well used gift she's ever gotten. She has an opinion of her own that she is not at all shy of sharing-but she's kind of always been that way. She has a say in her "style" now and it can range from super cute to, um, a bit interesting. :) She wanted bangs cut the other day, and while they look uneven in this pic. they are indeed even. We got done cutting it, washing it and styling it and I nearly cried, she's so old looking and even more beautiful. She's beautiful inside and out, she has an amazing spirit and an intense desire to learn about her Heavenly Father, her Savior and the gospel. She amazes me non-stop with her knowledge and questions about those things. She loves to read, she loves to help, she loves riding her bike and she loves being a big sister. We love her beyond words and are so grateful that it was our family that she was meant to come to. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free Ice Cream

We got a text this morning-I am still not sure who it was from-that Haagen Dazs had free ice cream cones today. So, we headed over to the Galleria, which happens to be where Daddy's office is, and had ice cream with Daddy. We had a great/delicious time. Random fun and yummy trips are the best!

She's like her Momma, a Cookies N' Cream lover.
I think she's really tired, huh?

I'm such a mean mom, I found this hysterical!
He was going to town on his Strawberry Sorbet and all of the sudden his face got really serious and then...see below.


It took him maybe 10 seconds and then he grabbed that cone right back form his Daddy and went at it again!

He thought the Pig on the carousel that had a goose head sticking out of the top of it's bum (no lie, it really was) was really funny.

This girly was soooo focused on her sorbet! She loved it...and so did her nose.

And this sweet boy hung out like a champ. He's such a good baby!

And then, this guy. He really doesn't like having his picture taken but I held the camera on him until I got a few laughs and some grins. Love him so much.

Monday, May 12, 2014

A few pictures and a little update

I have finally started taking pictures again, so getting back into blogging may be a little easier.
Life has been good to us lately. It always is good, even amidst struggle. Our kids are growing too fast and we hit new stages weekly it feels like...with all of them.

 School is out next week, for the summer, and I am really looking forward to spending time with the kids. We have a lot of work to do this summer, particularly with Maddie though. We will be doing "school work" for about an hour a day. We feel as though she isn't where she needs to be, her teacher was rather interesting this year (to put it nicely) and it wasn't just with our daughter. Anywho, we need to get her ready for 2nd grade. We hope to have a lot of fun this summer too. Not entirely sure what all that will entail but the good ole' outdoors will be our friend-at least for the first half of the day! :)

We've got a bunch of house projects to complete this summer too. The bathroom that I posted on not THAT long ago, yeah, it still isn't done-getting closer but still not done. Our dining room furniture needs to be re-finished and we need to finish under the chair rail-getting the board and batten put up. Then, HOPEFULLY, we'll get to the kitchen. It's got nasty brown trim and flat brown paint...that's GOT to go! We plan on refinishing the cabinets as well but I may be able to bare it a little longer if the trim and walls are at least painted.

 Busy busy busy. We like it that way! :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

So much for doing better!

I am terrible, and that's okay, I accept it.

But, here's a picture that make's up for me being a bum...

Goodness, we love this boy!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A before and a during...

The half bath in the hallway is going to be the death of us, I swear!

This is what it looked like before...hideous country blue textured (a combed down like texture) walls, your basic, OLD, builder grade cabinets with terrible handles and a laminate counter-top. All very 80's, very dated. So, we wanted to give it an updated look until we can replace the vanity and mirror one day. A little over a year ago my step-dad mudded the walls so that we could get rid of the nasty texture-and nasty blue. It sat like that for nearly a year. It was kind of unexpected for the mudding, but seriously, a mudded wall was WAY better than what was in there! Thanks Rob! It is still just mudded on the walls. I am priming and painting it this week. However, I went to work on the cabinets and counter-top some time ago...

And today, this is what it looks like! I used all the same fixtures, bought nothing but spray paint.
I spray painted the faucet, the hinges, the screws and the cabinet door handles with Rust-oleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze and then I sealed it all. I wrapped the handles with hot glue and twine...they're my favorite thing in the bathroom. I have also spray painted the floor vent, the door knob and the hinges on the door. The hinges aren't quite finished but they will be tonight and the bathroom door will go back on! I used Minwax Gel Stain and spruced up the hardwoods as well, and then sealed them with some poly. (it's currently covered in newspaper or I'd show a picture) The cabinet has been painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint, in white, and then they have a wax finish. You can't really tell but there is slight distressing to the doors and I love it. I love chalk paint! White isn't my favorite to work with but man, that stuff is amazing! Now, the counter top! This part was's spray paint! No lie! It's Rust-oleum's American Accents Stone Textured Finish-in Stone Pebble. I highly recommend if you do this to prime the counter top first-I didn't, but will in my other bathrooms. Then I sealed it and WHA-LA! Yes, it's bumpy but it's not uncomfortable bumpy. I used a glossy finish sealer so that I could clean it easily still. (which clearly needs to be done right now:)

We still need to frame the mirror, but up the bead-board, paint the walls, caulk, and decorate but...we're soooo much closer! I am hoping to have it all knocked out within the next week or 2. It's taken us this long though so let's not hold our breath! ;)