Monday, March 17, 2014

A before and a during...

The half bath in the hallway is going to be the death of us, I swear!

This is what it looked like before...hideous country blue textured (a combed down like texture) walls, your basic, OLD, builder grade cabinets with terrible handles and a laminate counter-top. All very 80's, very dated. So, we wanted to give it an updated look until we can replace the vanity and mirror one day. A little over a year ago my step-dad mudded the walls so that we could get rid of the nasty texture-and nasty blue. It sat like that for nearly a year. It was kind of unexpected for the mudding, but seriously, a mudded wall was WAY better than what was in there! Thanks Rob! It is still just mudded on the walls. I am priming and painting it this week. However, I went to work on the cabinets and counter-top some time ago...

And today, this is what it looks like! I used all the same fixtures, bought nothing but spray paint.
I spray painted the faucet, the hinges, the screws and the cabinet door handles with Rust-oleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze and then I sealed it all. I wrapped the handles with hot glue and twine...they're my favorite thing in the bathroom. I have also spray painted the floor vent, the door knob and the hinges on the door. The hinges aren't quite finished but they will be tonight and the bathroom door will go back on! I used Minwax Gel Stain and spruced up the hardwoods as well, and then sealed them with some poly. (it's currently covered in newspaper or I'd show a picture) The cabinet has been painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint, in white, and then they have a wax finish. You can't really tell but there is slight distressing to the doors and I love it. I love chalk paint! White isn't my favorite to work with but man, that stuff is amazing! Now, the counter top! This part was's spray paint! No lie! It's Rust-oleum's American Accents Stone Textured Finish-in Stone Pebble. I highly recommend if you do this to prime the counter top first-I didn't, but will in my other bathrooms. Then I sealed it and WHA-LA! Yes, it's bumpy but it's not uncomfortable bumpy. I used a glossy finish sealer so that I could clean it easily still. (which clearly needs to be done right now:)

We still need to frame the mirror, but up the bead-board, paint the walls, caulk, and decorate but...we're soooo much closer! I am hoping to have it all knocked out within the next week or 2. It's taken us this long though so let's not hold our breath! ;)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beginning Again

A few weeks back Mike and I hopped onto to this little blog of ours and starting looking at old posts. Mainly looking at pictures/videos of our babies (who are no longer babies anymore). We loved reading through the happenings of our life then, which launched us into conversation and memories of our life as a family, our adventures, our mishaps, our struggles, our happiness.
Tonight, I was taking Makinley and Patrick on a mid-night potty run and giving sleeping kisses to all of them before I climbed into bed, and as I looked at each of one them, sleeping so soundly and looking ever so big the thought crossed my mind, "Wow, you've let so much time pass without recording a bit of it. You've let life become so busy that the memories of all of it aren't going to be remembered." 

I remember when I first heard about blogging. We were in Virginia, away from all family, living in a 3rd floor apartment building, which was a rather questionable place, had 1 baby and another on the way. A friend from church told me all about it. I left thinking, "I have got to try this out! It will be perfect to keep our family in the loop of our everyday life.This is going to be fun!" From that very first post, I loved every second of blogging. I was finally keeping a "journal" of some sort for the first time in my life, and I loved it! I have a terrible memory and so posting these stories and pictures made sure, in my mind, that it would never be forgotten because it could always be found.

I haven't REALLY blogged in like a year, maybe longer. I really regret it. The other problem, I haven't really taken many pictures either. I have on my phone, but phone pics on a blog are...interesting usually. I LOVE pictures, I love taking them, I love editing them, I love looking at them over and over and over again. So, it's my new goal to get going on this again. I want the memories, I want them for me and I want them for my family.

So, here's to new goals and beginning again!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


this happened!
Quite some time ago, actually. :)

August 22, 2013
Preston Michael Jury
7lbs 9oz
21 inches long
and absolutely a beautiful, healthy and just perfectly perfect little guy.

We are all comepletely, head over heals, in love over here.

More to come soon...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

9 days

So...1 week and 2 days and we will be snuggling with our newest little addition! To say that we are excited is quite the understatement! Madilynn stuck her face in my belly today and says, "COME OUT!" in this deep and loud voice...the kiddos are trying so hard to be patient but it is HARD!
 Are we ready? Yes and no. No, because we still haven't gotten his clothes put away because his little armoire isn't finished being refinished-and that's where his clothes will go. Hopefully that will happen this week-I can't seem to get my own room clean because his clothes are in it! Once that is done then, I think, we will feel more ready. Yes, because, well, it's been 9 months! We are excited to see what he looks like and to smell the yumminess of a newborn, and of course kiss all up on, what is sure to be, complete cuteness. Daddy seems to really be looking forward to the after work snuggles that he ALWAYS does with a newborn-that will relieve a bit of stress we hope, and just give him and added boost. Babies just bring so much joy and happiness, and it seems that it's an appropriate time for that-for sure!

I am also getting super nervous! With all the happiness and love and excitement that come with's hard too-in a great way! I can deal with the no sleeping and getting up for feedings and what not but man, the emotional roller-coaster that comes from your hormones has me nervous as all get out! People think that the pregnancy itself is crazy with your emotions-and oh boy it is-but the after is hard too. I just want to be the best I can be for these sweet kiddos of mine, and that awesome husband that I get to call mine as well. They need some saneness with all that is going on and hopefully I can be as sane as possible! :) And I won't go in to the nerves of breast-feeding...that could be a post in and of itself! YOUCH!

Well, it's all exciting nonetheless, even the scary/nerve racking stuff.
I can hardly wait!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Child's Prayer

When I think of Maddie, I think of her as a serious, beautiful, happy, curious girl, and an old soul.
She has this amazing spirit and with it seems to come to this understanding that I wouldn't think, at her age, a child could have-an understanding of spiritual/gospel related things. She just seems to "get it" so easily.
We really are so blessed to call her our daughter.

It is no secret, at this point, that the company that we came down here for is nearly depleted. What most people don't know is that our job is in jeopardy every single day and that each time I see Mike's name on the caller i.d., my heart picks up it's pace until I hear the way his voice sounds. We knew this job was a risk when we started investing even our thoughts into it-I don't think we anticipated that it was such a short lived risk, but we knew that it was a risk regardless. A lot of people seem to think it should be something that upsets us, or makes us angry-it couldn't be more the opposite. This was OUR decision, and one that even though the results aren't what we hoped for, it was what was right for our family-every step that we have taken. It has been an amazing experience for us though, one of faith (more faith than, I think, we knew we had,) trust, and complete dependence on our Heavenly Father. I worry not about us as much but about so many others who are all affected by this as well. It's been a rough month or so, as it has all just happened in that time period, but one in which I am grateful to Heavenly Father for bringing me this sense of peace and calm, as I have needed, in order to see this pregnancy to a "healthy for baby to come" stage. He is always providing what we need, even if in the moment we may not realize it. Tonight, I have felt more nerves than peace, more worry and fear than faith and trust-which I find a bit frustrating to have.

So, what do these 2 things, Maddie and our job, have to do with each other?
I didn't want to forget, ever, the moment which I was blessed to hear and listen to tonight-through
 a closed door. I gave Maddie a kiss and told her goodnight, and as I left her room I reminded her to say her prayers. After giving Patrick a kiss and telling him the same things I left but heard talking coming from Maddie's room. So, I nudged my head onto her door to listen to what was going on. And I hear her praying, praying that the people who were losing their jobs might be taken care of, praying that her family (aunts, uncles and cousins) wouldn't have to move away but be able to find jobs and be "protected" and blessed. And other things as well. My heart leapt! And I found myself walking down the stairs feeling stronger-feeling peace again...and in my heart pleading for answers to a sweet and humble child's prayer.

Monday, July 1, 2013

this girl

has been the most difficult girl to get to smile since she was a baby.
I worked really hard to even get this, and although it is blurry, it makes my heart happy.
She's growing up WAY too much and too fast, and getting even more beautiful all the time.
Just love her!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

a few pics from this morning

I officially stink at blogging now! :(
I swore I wouldn't phase out like everyone else seemed to do-but I have!
Anyway, just a couple of pictures from this morning. I missed Madilynn but I will get her more this week. I am trying to get back on the ball before the next little Mr. arrives. (oh, did I mention that that is just in 7.5 more weeks?!) Not at all excited around here! :)

Mike hates having pictures taken of him-no matter when it is. I pulled the "what if I died, or what if you died and I had never taken any pictures?" card this morning (and I meant that card in all seriousness) and it worked, and this is what I got...I kind of love this picture-it makes me smile! :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

A New Goal

Having children has been the greatest thing I have ever done, but having children has also caused me to severely slack on my home duties. It's been frustrating for some time, especially since pregnant again, to look around my house and see soooo much that needs to be done all the time. It seemed to get discouraging, and so much so that I finally was just like-I don't care, it can wait. I have come to realize though that it doesn't help my mood any if I do wait. Obviously there are times and moments that it HAS to wait or should come second to my children but there is also a point where it does need to be done. I put it off far too often than I should. And not only does a messy home affect me, it affects the whole mood of the home and everyone in it. It sounds corny, but there is a peace that comes in a clean home, a peace and a happiness. Oh, and definitely a sense of accomplishment. Mike has always been such a help not only with the kiddos but with the house as well. As of late the poor man has been so exhausted, due to work being a bit more than draining and taxing, that for him to come home to a mess makes me feel lower than dirt. He needs to come home to a place where, when he walks in the door, he can feel the lift of stress and know he can spend time having some fun with the kids and letting go of work. Again, it doesn't mean that there will never be a time when there's a mess when he comes home-it just doesn't need to be every room! :) (besides, I swear, that 4-5:30 time is the time when somewhere in the house falls apart-kids think they have free range when Mom is cooking dinner) So, after reading an article found on Pinterest the other day, I have made a new goal-and one that is super achievable-even preggo. I was amazed at how much I got done last night-I did end up doing it for longer than an hour, but not a lot longer than that, and I felt even better since the kids were asleep and Mike was gone. I went to sleep not feeling overwhelmed, looking forward to my day today, and proud for the hubby to come home at some point and feel like he could relax after a SUPER long day. And you know, it was pretty nice to sit and relax with him, even if it was just for 30 minutes before we went to bed!

Anyway, here's the article, maybe it will help someone else as well! I will do an update at some point on how I am doing on my goal.

The article is HERE.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Couple of Funnies

We're working on getting a new camera, I promise! It just might take a little bit.

So, I wanted to jot down just 2 of the things I have heard in that last 2 days, because that's all I can remember at this point!

On Tuesday evening we were driving home and were stopped at a light-this is the spot that always stinks really bad. Maddie was jabbering on about something that I was listening to when I hear Makinley repeating herself over and over, like it was something really important.
I stop Maddie but still can't understand what Makinley is saying.
Me: "I don't know what you're saying sweetie."
Makinley: "Wus dat shmell Mommy?"
Me: "Oh, I don't know, what do you think it is?"
Makinley: "Isss, POOP!" Iss stinky like POOOOP! Hahahahaha!"

Now, if you knew Makinley's little voice, it made it 20 times funnier. And then she wouldn't let it go and belly laughed the entire 6 minutes home, and had me and Maddie laughing just as hard!

Last night the girl's were getting in the shower and right before that Maddie was rubbing my belly and talking to it and then Patch came over and wanted to feel and see if the the littlest Mr. was moving. I told him to let me get the girls in the shower and then we could sit on my bed and he could feel the baby. So, we get situated and then this convo happens, 

Me: "Oh, hang on, I need to go potty real quick."
Patch: "Oh, is the baby sitting on your gutter?"
Me: "Hahahahahaha-yeah-hahahahahahaha!"

He corrected himself later but man, I had a really good laugh at that!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Preggo Momma's Post (beware!)

Just to note, we're on day 2 of everyone feeling good again! Wahoo!

I just wanted to write this down, just for my records, it can be hard to remember things from when you're pregnant, ya know, after the fact.

This pregnancy has definitely been different for me. I know everyone says that each pregnancy is different but for me, the first 2 were a breeze. I definitely threw up WAY more with the first and not at all with the second but other than that-they were nearly identical...that I can remember. Makinley, the 3rd pregnancy brought out my incredibly feisty side and more back pain than I thought possible. I carried her very differently and was way more tired and nauseous. I am sure Mike thought something happened with his wife over night-that feistiness I spoke of...yeah it really was rough-especially for him. (which kind of completely explains Makinley in a nutshell:) My emotions were there but again, expressed more in blunt-ness and frustration rather than my typical tears.
And then this time around, hmmm. Everything happened sooner, for sure, but it's been hard to put it into words. Whiny, yeah, I guess that sums it up. I have been a whiny whiny girl. I have some feistiness but it comes and goes in spurts, it's not permanent. The tears? Not so much but when I do have it it lasts for a day or 2 and it's always triggered by missing my busy husband-and then everything else comes out too. All 3 previous pregnancies I have been able to sleep well until around 25 plus weeks. I haven't slept well since before I found out I was pregnant-the crazy dreams and nighttime potty breaks started around 2 weeks-seriously. And then not being comfortable started super fast-my bones are just taking it all differently this time. This little man is hanging out way lower than any of the other ones and therefore causing an inability of walking pretty often. By the time Mike gets home I am sure I look like I need hip and knee replacements! :) Haha! 
However, while all of this may sound super negative and bad, I would take it anytime-it is the most amazing and incredible thing I have done, ever. It is really hard but the most incredible hard thing ever. It really isn't complaining either-in my eyes-because it just is what it is and to me, to remember what a difficult thing my body has done is important. It makes the most difficult and amazing changes a body can. I can't express my awe in words of what is happening inside (and outside for that matter) of my body. I feel and watch him moving all over and it is just nothing short of indescribable. Watching the kiddos rub my belly and talk to it and to watch the wonder and excitement in their eyes makes my heart melt. They are just as thrilled as I am with changes going on and what it all means for the near future. And, I know that it's doesn't get to happen for every woman or it doesn't happen as easily for some women as it does for others, so, I'll take it all, no matter how hard it may seem. And my struggles and hardship doesn't compare to that of a lot of others either.

I am just super grateful today for this experience again and for all the struggles and amazing things that my body is doing in the process, and for this little nugget who is cooking/kicking away!