Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Well, I'm not setting blog goals ever again! :)

So, there is some to catch up on-one thing really.

Last August Mike lost his job.

In the midst of the job that he had he'd been helping start up a company. They put all their effort into getting that up and going. While doing that, looking for employment. No pity party here though-we've been so incredibly blessed in the meantime. We have been watched over and have seen the hand of Lord in so many ways throughout this whole time. We've seen the goodness and love of so many-our hearts are so full. Well, Mike got a job and started yesterday! I'm not sure it's THE job but it's a job and there is room for growth. It's a job of learning-which Mike loves-and he is working for really good people. We're just super grateful! The kids were extremely excited on Sunday when we told them. Makinley must not have been listening because today she said something about Daddy and a job and I said, "Makinley, Daddy got a job." She says, "He did?! That took a long time! Now we can go to Disney World!" Me (laughing): "Not quite yet sweetie, but we certainly are closer to being able to." Love that little girl!

Heavenly Father is so good, and so aware. We feel like this will allow Mike the time to continue to help build this other business and bless our family, and the company he is now working for. The Lord has tested our patience and faith in ways that I didn't think He would or that I would be able to prove myself. I also know, that while our ride here in Alabama has been an extremely crazy and trying one, I'd do it all over again-every bit of it. It's through the trials and tribulation that we learn and grow, not only as individuals but in our relationship with our Father in Heaven as well.

So thankful today-so incredibly thankful always.


Kaylynn said...

I can't imagine what you guys have been through, and I'm so happy that he has a job now! Hope everything else is going well. Miss you!!

kelleen said...

I just randomly decided to get on my blog after a couple of years of absence,and then saw you had just updated yours so I popped over to see THIS! YAY!!!! YAY!!!! SO SO happy to hear this news! This made my whole night, week, year maybe :) congratulations you guys! Love you!