Thursday, May 12, 2016


I'm very behind on posting this news but I also haven't had much time. I still don't so this will not be to the length necessary to convey our excitement and gratitude. I'm too long winded anyway, so I guess it's a good thing! HAHA!

As mentioned before, we are under contract with our house. It is set to close on May 27th. About 4 weeks ago, (actually, I think it was 4 weeks ago today) Mike received a job offer with the company Evonik, in VA! I am consistently amazed at the Lord's timing. Mike starts on May 23rd. What a blessing! Our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude. It's a wonderful global wide company. This is the kind of company you hope to work for someday and I am beyond thrilled for and proud of my sweet hubby. He has been so patient and dealt with so much in waiting for an opportunity like this. The relief of being able to take care of his family again, has brought him back. I've missed him! We have an offer in on a house out there and are praying that things will move along, as it is a short sale home and can often take a lot of time. There are details not to get into that we did to help move things along faster or we can get out of that offer and find something else. The process of finding the right home for our family has proven difficult already so we are very hopeful for something to happen. Anyway, we will love close to where we did before but not the same area. We LOVED that area from before but we couldn't find what we needed/wanted there. So, hopefully this new area will be what we need and love. Again, so deeply grateful to our Father in Heaven for guiding our life through our seeming unending trial. Without a doubt, we know He was there through all of it and that each part and process of the last 10.5 years (good and bad), has led us to now. He knows us, loves us and desires our happiness and trust.

Also, how blessed am I as a Momma to these 4 beautiful and awesome kiddos! Mother's Day 2016

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