Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blessing Day!

Our little guy was blessed yesterday!! I cannot believe we have 2 amazing children already and for the joy their spirits have brought us! Patrick's blessing was wonderful; we were sad more of our family couldn't be there-we missed you all! However, it was still such a special day and I feel so blessed for a husband who honors his priesthood and loves his children so much! Here are some pictures that we were able to capture. We tried so hard to get Maddie and Patrick together but after a long day Staurday in DC Maddie wasn't willing to even try to cooperate. Oh well!

Our little stud!

Family time, the only way Madds would sit still!

3 generations-could they be more proud?!


Kelli White said...

Wow. I cannot believe you have two children. What a blessing. We love you guys and are sad we could not be there. He is absolutely adorable.

Jen said...

He looks like an angel! His outfit is adorable, I just love it. :) Plus, I can not beleive you just had a baby, you look great!!

Robyn said...

Shan and Mike, as I sit here bawling my head off, I am so proud of the two of you. Patrick is absolutely beautiful. You have two very adorable children. Shan you look so pretty! You look wonderful. I can't hardly wait to see all of you. I sure hope it is soon.
All our love,
MOm and Rob xoxoxoxoxox

kelie said...

Lookin' good Shan! Two babies and you're still a hottie.