Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn!

Pre-party dessert! Heather, Jin-Hee, Diane, Jeni, Jenn, Me and Kim! Yes, I am crawling under a table to get to the right and closer line!!
Outside B&N right after getting our books...then I jetted home to get started!
So the last book in the amazing Twilight series, by Stephenie Meyer came out Friday!!! You better believe I was there at Barnes and Noble at 10:00 for the "party" and had a book in my hands no later than 12:05!!! I definitely didn't get through it as fast as the other ones, having 2 kids slowed me down quite a bit and the fact that we wanted some type of life this weekend as a family! But, I finished it today...not too long ago actually and it was great! She has such a talent in her writing, I was sucked in and, he will admit it so I can say this, Mike was too! We read a lot of it together and what he wasn't able to be there to hear I gave him a play by play. For all those sceptics out there...come on buckle and read it!!! Here are a few fun times from Friday! Oh, thanks to my wonderful husband...this was my b-day gift and it was great to have a "girl's night out!" It was much needed and much appreciated!


Steven said...

Aren't midnight parties fun? I have two under my belt for Harry Potters 6 and 7 (actualy, two for each, since we went to two parties each night).

But I am shaking head in memoriam for poor Mike, who, like Ryan, got sucked in by tales of vampire/werewolf/human love triangles. Before you assume that I, too, was so befuddled, everything I know (which is very little) comes from my little sister.

No, when it comes to nerd obsessions, I'll keep my Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, thank, you.

kelie said...

I love girl's night out. I would suggest going once a month...nothing makes for a happier mommy! As for BD, I was not so enamoured. I'll blog about my reaction in a few weeks, when everyone's had ample time to read...wouldn't want to spoil anyone's fun. :)

Evan and Jamie said...

Seriously, if I liked reading, I might have something exciting to say on your and Kelie's blogs, but, not so much!! I'm definitely jealous of your girls night out though! Too fun! Love ya!

Richardson Family said...

Oh, I am making Nate read this. He won't read them and I think he would love them!