Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Muscles and Baseball

Had to show off this little man's fabulous shirt! It says, "I get my muscles from my Dad." I thought he looked like a little stud in his 12mo. shirt. Then his pic in his first slick suit! Yes, it is Royals and to any of my family who sees and reads this...don't get on to me about Royals-I have yet to find the Cardinals stuff!!! Believe me, it would be equal share between the 2 if I had any-hint, hint! :D No, I have not traded my loyalty! However, he does look pretty darn cute!


Debbie said...

This little man looks sooo big!! He looks like he has grown a ton this week.
He looks adorable eventhough it is in a Royals suit! :)

Give him a kiss for me - throw one on over to Mads too!!!!

Love You,

The Juries!! said...

Just look how cute he is!!

The Juries!! said...

P.S. I'm trying real hard to find Cardinal stuff.......yeah, that'll happen!