Friday, September 12, 2008


Our little lady loves the outdoors! She is not afraid of anything...nothing like her mother! ;D We were outside playing today and she loves to collect rocks-of all things! Then, Mom made the mistake of showing her a caterpillar! We got a little tupperware and caught it and then saw another one, which I thought was strange-they were right by eachother and the exact same kind. All in all we found 5! Well, then I realized when the wind blew something hit my back-something kind of big and I kind of flung around a bit and then saw a caterpillar--they were falling out of the tree!! And we were standing right under it! GROSS! So, now whenever I look at those-even now-I get a chill down my spine and goosebumps raise on my arms! Maddie still likes them-like she wants to bring them in the house, NO THANKS!

The Caterpillar Tree

The Caterpillars-eww

Maddie and her new pets-and a bowl of rocks next to her


Debbie said...

GROSS!!!! I so remember all the bug issues when you guys were little. How fun that you helped her keep them as pets :):)?!!!

kelie said...

Ew! I think I need to take a shower now, I feel all itchy.

The Juries!! said...

She doesn't get that from me-- I used to squish caterpillers when I was left in charge of them so Kim could go get a jar...

The Juries!! said...

PS-- I deleted that other comment-- too many misspelled there a way to edit??