Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We started our Halloween day early today with a children's Fall Festival/Trick or Treating at the Brandermill Square-I don't think that is what it is called but I don't know what it's real name is. Anyway, it was a lot of fun! Maddie actually wore her hood and Patrick's scarecrow costume came this week from my sister and let me tell you-he was the CUTEST scarecrow I have eveer seen! He smiled at everyone-you would never know he was teething, until we were home that is. Maddie got to pet a donkey, goat, baby goat, a baby cow, a sheep and a pony! By the time she was done with the hayride the firetruck was gone so that was the only bummer. It was great fun!
Finally a calm picture together!
Peakin out to see Mommy
A friend told her to say cheese...she's a little extreme sometimes! :D
The only thing she ever really wants, a sucker
A candy coma


Andrew and Nicki Drysdale said...

I know I never take the time to leave comments but I love it! They are the cutest. :) I wish Patrick and Carter could be playmates :(

The Juries!! said...

They are the cutest!!!

Kelli White said...

I think Maddie had a lot of fun. I remember you telling me about your day and I was trying to piece the pics with the day and I was laughing about the sucker and how you had to take it away from her. We all love those fun mom moments.

Lambert the Sheepish Lions said...

They are both ADORABLE! How fun it was last night!!!

Jones Family said...

their costumes are great! it looks like they enjoyed halloween.

Richardson Family said...

That scarecrow costume is darling. I have never seen it before. Did you make it?

Jen said...

Cute costumes! The Brandermill party was so cute. Cant wait till next year! Maybe by then I will know what farm animals are what!!! :) LOL

Debbie said...

These costumes are adorable - they look so cute on the kids. They get cuter every day and I didn't think that was possible.:):)
Love you,