Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Nothing new to report, just some random pictures from the weekend. It was nice to enjoy Conference-well, what we heard of it! We did hear about the temple coming to the Kansas City, MO area, boo-yah! It was a nice weekend all in all!
I found my hands...and I LOVE them!Have we said before that she likes spaghetti?
Enjoying Conference-or studying Lehi's Dream
Doing Diane's cuticle's during Conference


The Juries!! said...

Conference is the time to be doing fingers and toes. Buff must have done 5 sets of toes at least...
Give them babes some smootchies!!

Evan and Jamie said...

The kiddos are beautiful and Mikey cracks me up! We miss you guys! Love ya!

AudraandBlake said...

SO cute!! As soon as I saw your little girl with that big smile and spaghetti all over I had to smile! You have such a cute family!!