Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Sleepy Update

Nothing exciting going on around here, I was just wanting to write something somewhere and this is where it ended up. I am pooped! Patrick is teething, I am pretty sure, and so he sleeps a ton during the day but not that great at night. So, needless to say, I am REALLY tired!

Maddie is doing a lot better than she has been (she was going through a pretty rough stage for a little while) and I am having a lot of fun with her! She loves Patrick so much and gets so excited when he wakes up. She is into everything won't be like this forever and I will miss it when its gone I suppose so she can just have at it. She loves to get out my shoes and sometimes Daddy's and prance around the house in them-she is such a girl! Last night she put on Mike's socks and my tennis shoes and was walking pretty well in them; she was cheesin away-she thought she was so cool! She also loves to just be walking suddenly stop and turn in circles saying, "Ma-ie circles, Ma-ie circles!" Circle is one of her favorite shapes and words it seems.

Even though Patrick is not sleeping the best he is still such a smiley boy! He is all grins most of the time. He is a little fussy with the teeth coming in but nothing that we can't survive through. He loves to roll onto his belly now and just play or fall asleep. His favorite thing other than his fingers right now are his feet-he LOVES them! The other night we went to check on him before we headed to bed and he was asleep with his feet up and grabbing them and occasionally sticking his foot in his mouth! Goofy boy! It was pretty funny to watch-which I did for about 5 min. b/c it was so cute! He also loves Maddie, when she comes around or is just within hearing distance he just grins and he loves her hair!

Mike is hanging in there. Work is loads of fun right now (hint sarcasm). Things have slowed down quite a bit due to the economy so...I don't know, we'll see. He has been donating plasma too just to bring a little extra in with Christmas and Maddie's Birthday coming around the corner. So, between work, plasma, church and some other things with vehicles and life, we feel like we haven't seen much of him lately. We are so thankful for everything he is doing though.

As for me...being a mom of two keeps me pretty busy as you can already tell from the update of the kiddos. Primary keeps my mind busy. There are days when it is consuming as far as getting stuff done but mostly Sundays are the craziest days. Thankfully Mike helps a other words-he has child duty Sundays. With the new year coming quickly there is a lot to get done in the Primary department but I couldn't be more grateful for this calling. The kids are wonderful! I am looking forward to Twilight coming out November 21st!! My sister in law thinks I am obsessed, which I am, but not to the extent of some...and my child hasn't watched the trailers over and over and over! :D lol-I love you Kate! I am doing good all in all and couldn't feel more blessed with my life.

Was that long enough for you all? I wasn't planning that but I guess updates are needed! Hope you all are doing great! To our family: we miss you more than you can imagine and we love you all! We know so many are struggling and you are all in our prayers. Hang in there and we will be with you again as soon as we can!

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The Juries!! said...

I'll take the fussy one and the shoe wearing one off your hands!!!