Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trunk or Treat

We had our ward Trunk or Treat this past Saturday and it went great; it was a lot of fun! We made chili and tried to enjoy it but when you have 2 kids who get into everything-and yes, Patrick is already there-it is kind of difficult. Actually, Patrick grabbed hold of my full chili bowl and spilled it ALL over me and him! He fussed for just a sec. because it was hot on his little hand. It was a mess but, we got it cleaned up thanks to the help of friends and Daddy and still enjoyed our evening. Maddie didn't want to wear the hood to her frog but she was still cute. She thoroughly enjoyed her suckers and "treats" as she calls them. She has an Elmo bucket for Halloween and was so excited to take it to "chuch." Again, it was a ton of fun!

Just too cute to pass up!

Maddie's babysitter, Sherise, who she followed around half the night!

Not wanting a picture with Mommy-only wanting a sucker

Do you get much cuter than these men?! I don't think so!


Jen said...

They look super cute in their costumes!

Meg said...

Hey Shan. Strange coincidence. I totally know the spider-man in the background. That is Josh! He is Jill's nephew. Funny. Mel and Frank are in your ward then I guess. So funny.

Anyway - hope you all are well.

Meg said...

Upon second glance, maybe it is not him. They do live in your neck of the woods though. Whatever.

O'Loughlin Family said...

We have a baby like Patrick; we like to call her "grabby". If it's within reach, she grabs it--and it's usually messy. I have to pin her hands down when I'm feeding her cereal. Funny children!

Minda said...

Cute costume. Even with the mess, it sounds like a fun time.