Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sick Days

This house has not been a fun house this last week and a half or so. We have been sick! Well, Mommy and Maddie have had the colds, Patrick is still teething which really isn't all that bad-he is stills all smiles. Mike hasn't been sick but informed me this morning that his throat hurt, so here we go some more. I haven't taken many pics lately but here are a few cute ones. Maddie pulled her table chair in the kitchen and decided to have fun with some nasty mac'n'cheese-don't ever get the Chef was on sale and Mike bought it...not even worth the sale! Patrick was watching and thought it to be great entertainment!
Hammin it up!
Watchin sis make a mess
She never seems to have pants on at home-she's always taking them off!


Jen said...

Ekk!! Sick days are always a bit crazy, esp when Mom is not feeling well. I sure hope you guys are on the mend soon. Let us know if you need anything.

I love Patricks gummy smile

The Juries!! said...

Somehow your sick germs came thru the phone and got me!! That's especially hard because the phone has no cord... Or maybe it was Addie getting me.