Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I forgot to add about last night. We got out our Nativity set last night to put under the tree and we were explaining to Maddie about it and the story and she seemed pretty involved in the story. Then, she proceeds to pick up Baby Jesus, put him on her shoulder, pat him and say, "Baby burp, baby burp." It was cute and we were laughing until she said, "Baby eat, baby eat!" Still laughing we were like, "Oh no, baby doesn't need to eat." Thankfully she put him down and that was the end of that. Maddie has been very in to "feeding" her babies lately...like Mommy feeds Patrick. What do you do?! :D

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Debbie said...

I hope you can get someone to take
a ton of pics that night, so we can
all enjoy the mood :).
Love YOu