Sunday, April 5, 2009

Name Change!

So the previous post now has no validity due to the craziness of that beautiful baby's parents! They are known for changing their babies names at the very end but seemed pretty set on this one...considering they did leave the hospital and everything! Well, they've done it again and all we can do is laugh-they are too funny! Little miss Addison is now little miss Chloe. Her name was Addison Chloe White and is now Chloe Rebecca (sp?) White. They called the hospital and everything to make sure it could be done still and the hospital said that is why they keep the birth certificate for up to 10 days. Well, welcome cute little Chloe!

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Jamison Family said...

Tell them we don't know the sex or name of our children until after they are born. Hiram didn't have a name for 3 days, Olivia for 12 days and Bailey for nearly 2 months! I am afraid by our 5th or 6th they won't have a name until they are in school!