Sunday, January 31, 2010

The great things I got to enjoy this weekend

Ahhhh, a weekend to do nothing but hang out with my sweet little family-wonderful! It started Friday evening when I got a sitter and Mike and I went and played in our basketball games at church. It was nice to have time out with him-a rare occurance around here-even though we were each in a basketball game. I haven't seen Mike play since before we dated! He's just awesome! It was really fun watching, him play and having him there to watch me too. I have never thought of myself as competetive really or one who really gets into it; I think from coaching the YW, playing for the women and then seeing him play-it's bringing it out in me! AHHH-I don't like that part. Thanks to Diane for keeping me in check at times! :) Anyway, we had a big snow storm, #2 for us this year so far-very strange, this weekend and it was gorgeous! It snowed ALL day Saturday and we got around 13in I think. Church was cancelled today and so we had 2 very lazy days and it was nice. Unfortunately there are no Patrick pictures-not sure why-we got a video of him but I can't seem to get those to load these days. So, I will do a Patrick overload this week-he hasn't been around on this blog in awhile! Hope everyone is great and had a great weekend!

I guess the glass table-top is more comfortable than that big soft couch!

What I got to look at outside Saturday and today!

What else I got to look at those days...I haven't seen much of him since this semester started so it made it wonderful to have no plans and see him home with us! :)

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Jen said...

Glad you guys had a fun snowy Sunday together. There really is nothing better then being snowed in!

Hang in there, the school stuff will all be over before you know it!! :) Hope you guys won your games!