Friday, February 19, 2010

Check yourself, Momma...and some new creations too!

I walk into the living room to find the cushions taken off the couches, a common occurrence in a house with CRAZY kids! As I am putting them back on the couch and telling the kids we don't do this-for the hundreth time-I notice there is ink pen drawn on multiple cushions...again!

ME: "Who colored on couch?" (Not a very happy voice)
MADDIE: "Patrick." (so very non-chalantly) (sp?)
ME: "Patrick,honey, No-No; we don't color on the couches."
MADDIE: "I know-he's a stinker. Accidents happen, Mom, accidents happen."

ME: (in my head I am laughing hysterically and in complete shock-all at the same time) No words come out.

At least they are removeable covers and I can wash them-who cares if the cushions are now completely faded due to so many washings, right?? Right, someday...someday, we will buy what we really want and I'll look back and be grateful we didn't have them then! :)

Have a great weekend!

At least they make me smile...Madds was doing Patchy's hair. :)

Oh, something that I have been learning to make this past week... FABRIC FLOWERS! I finally found a tutorial and style that I like! Go here to find her tutorial. Scroll down  a bit and there is a video segment on a show she was on and I believe a basic blog tutorial as well, if no blog tutorial watch the video tutorial...a man makes one with her-that's how simple it is! Her blog is fabulous-HELLOmynameisHeather...just check it out!

Here was my first attempt-no I did not wear it quite like this in my hair-when I wore it my hair was done differently and it looked cute. You can make them to put on your clothes, purses, whatever you want and it ALWAYS looks adorable! Have fun, I know I did!

And something else I learned to make this week...JEWELRY!!! Thanks to some fabulous and talented friends, I learned to make jewelry this week! I am no where near creative and talented in the idea department yet, I am still very basic with mine, but it was so much fun!! I think this will be something I thoroughly enjoy and will continue doing a little at a time...I am picking up too many pricey hobbies at once! :)

Those are not pearls but silver balls, everything silver looks white in this pic.
I already have a turqouise design in my head for Easter-a necklace, earrings and maybe a bracelet; I found the beads I want already and can't wait to get them and design!


Diane said...

You are so amazing and talented!! Oh, and my money is on Madds and Patch for the couch drawing...I love that she is so funny though! Her life will get harder when he starts talking more!

Jen said...

love the jewlery! Super cute!

Hope Parrick feels better! :)

kelleen said...

Sorry to hear about your couch-they really do need to invent TRULY washable crayons! You are so crafty and talented--really, look at all the great stuff you've made!

Chris and Amanda said...

Looks fabulous. If you like the yo-yo flowers you will love Kanzashi flowers. Check them out...

Love the Jewelry!

Steph said...

Way to go, Martha! And Holy.Cute. re: Maddie's comment on accidents!
Oh, I love this age!

Mandy said...

shannon, you'll need to send me some pictures ofyour fabulous projects so I can stick them on my crafty blog...

Blake and Audra said...

My goodness girl! You are so crafty! :) Mads is SO hilarious! What a smart girl she is. Telling you that accidents happen. Well... she told you! haha that's too cute.