Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"Um, NO personal cameras!"
Yeah, that's what the lady told me after taking this lovely shot...the lady who's attention I tried getting a couple times to ask that very question; I also asked this scary looking rabbit who gave no repsonse-just wrinkled his nose. Honestly, she scared me more than the rabbit though. ;)

Okay, so am I weird? (don't answer that) I didn't know there were Easter Bunnies at the mall in which you could take your kids. I think it is really strange and SCARY, but Maddie wanted to. So, we went and Patrick was like me, TERRIFIED and Maddie sat long enough to get a picture and that was it. Who came up with the whole Easter Bunny thing anyway and how do you explain that to kids? "Yeah, a big giant Easter Bunny is going to hop in your house and leave you goodies in your basket and leave eggs for you to find in the yard." Plus, how does it apply to Easter-the ressurection of our sweet Savior? Here was our FHE lesson...

Mom: "Maddie, what is Easter for?"

Madds: "Presents for us."

Mom: "No."

Madds: "Candy and yummy treats."

Mom: "No honey" ...then I explain that it isn't about the treats or the Easter Bunny but about our Savior and I went into a bit more detail about the crucifixion and ressurection (in child terms). I bore my testimony of Him and this sweet and special holiday and ended the lesson-which was taking place in the car.

Then we talked about seeing the Easter Bunny and taking a picture with it...now that makes a whole lot of sense huh?

5 minutes later...

Mom: "Maddie, what is Easter for?"

Maddie: "I don't know."

Poor child, so confused. ;)

So, we went and played in the play area and had ice cream, it was great.

Now who is that cute couple...oh, that's us!

Are they more Drysdale or Jury...whatcha think?

LOTS of ice cream but mmmm, DEEE-licious!

"Pink" ice cream was the request...just pink.

Mmmm, thanks Daddy!

Oooops, how'd that get in here?? ;)

There we go, that's better. DANG, that is one hottie if I ever saw one-and he's ALL mine! ;)

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Jamison Family said...

Last year when we made Resurrection Rolls Hiram kept asking, "So Jesus is a marshmallow that we dip in butter and roll in cinnamon sugar?"