Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello Sunshine, I like you quite a bit

I am talking to the sun, literally. I do like it quite a bit and I particularly liked it this weekend. It was
GOR-GEOUS outside! We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather and we definitely took advantage of it. We have been hesitant to do much with our yard since we are renting but we couldn't take it ANYMORE! We have this beautiful tree in front with the most horrid leaves. So, we raked them up and introduced them to the trash bag...they became good friends. The kids and I picked out flowers, hanging baskets and seeds-that takes FOREVER by the way, picking them out that is. So, now the trick is to see if the flowers actually grow-I have never planted flowers before. The carpets got cleaned and the house and mass loads of laundry done...and I cut Bubby's hair-finally. It was a great weekend!

Sporting her Mizzou wear                                                        Our shaggy haired little man...still cute though
Just SOME of the nasty skinny little leaves...                             Hopefully pretty flowers will be here soon... 

 Maddie took her turn with the camera-she is getting pretty good I think...

Unfortunately these pics were taken Friday, Mike was outside doing lots too on Saturday-while I was inside cleaning and doing the no pics of him :(

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