Saturday, March 6, 2010

Miracle of Christmas 2009

As most of you know, Mike and I have been blessed to play the part as Mary and Joseph for the Metro Richmond Zoo's Live Nativity for the last 2 years (with Patrick as baby Jesus the first year). I shared pics from the first year but here are the pics from 2009! I was so excited to get these, as I could prove to all who didn't see it (mostly family) that I DID indeed ride a donkey! It was a wonderful experience, so much more real this year due to riding the donkey (Norma). We thank the Andelins (owners of the Zoo) for this amazing opportunity!

Check out the first small pic on the bottom right (I am on the donkey). Funny story, we were almost to our post where I would get off and she, Norma, stopped dead in her tracks and let the audience get a glimpse of her using the "ladies room". Funny part is that Glenn got the shot PERFECTLY! :) Norma decided to do this 2x's, the other time was right in the middle of our walk...poor Mike was just pullin away and...nothin-not even a little budge. Fun times!

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Carolina said...

Shannon you are just so beautiful! I was looking at those pictures of you on the donkey, and I thought two things. First - oh my gosh! Shannon is pregnant and going to have a baby! Duh, me. Just got the whole "mary" thing. haha. Second - you have AMAZING skin!!!