Tuesday, April 6, 2010

He Lives!

I know that my Redeemer lives! A testimony I have been blessed to feel and know my entire life. How grateful I am for this holiday to celebrate the beautiful life of Jesus Christ and the life He gave for me, and each one of you. I know that He lives and to Him and I am forever grateful for the gift of life, ressurection and eternal life that He has given me.

Easter was especially great this year...we were with family! My sister Jamie and her family moved to DC and we were with them, helping them move in. It was wonderful and the kids had a GREAT time. Unfortunately, their cable/internet will not be hooked up until Wednesday so we missed a great weekend for our church-it was what we call General Conference. It happens 2 times a year and we are blessed to hear from our Prophet and Apostles. We caught the last hour on Sunday and what we heard was great!

The kids were so cute with their baskets and their egg hunt-in their jammies. After the egg hunt I again asked Maddie what Easter was about and she said... "About Jesus' life Mommy. He gave us life."  
Indeed He did sweet girl, indeed He did.   

Here they come...we're missing Chase in this shot.

Look what I got!

See Daddy?!

And they're off!

She was one FAST little chica-she got the most!

A forced smile...Come on Mom-I just want to open my eggs!

I don't care about candy-I like Chase's ball!

Chase's jaw-breaker smile...I clicked a little late-it was pretty funny.

Pretty girl Carsyn-she was pretty happy with her loot.

And little miss Peyton...I almost stole her and brought her home. :)


Jen said...

How fabulous to be so close to family now! Thats wonderful! Happy Easter.

Debbie Lunt said...

Oh my gosh - these pics are all adorable, but bring tears. I miss all of you so very much.
Love you guys