Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i have an almost two year old...

need i really say more?

yes, because i need to vent before i pull ALL my hair out!

i am not sure my patience has been more tried than in the last week, and especially in the last 2 days.
just this morning my son, my handsome, loveable, completely adorable and precious son, has gotten up at 5:30am, peed ALL over the kitchen chair/floor, taken handsoap and pumped it out all over himself, the couch and the floor, AND just now took my face moisturizer (which i just recently purchased an arm and a leg for because my skin apparently thinks it's in it's adolescent years) and again put it all over him (ears included) and the floor.


sadly, this day is beginning in a way to make me think it might become worse than yesterday...believe it or not, yesterday was pretty tough. (let's just say, i sat in my closet with the lights off once daddy got home so i could breathe evenly for a moment...or for 5 minutes).

speaking of daddy, i blame this all on him-you should hear the stories his mom tells me.  ;)

the kids are alive and well, no worries for them...

but maybe for me!


The Juries!! said...

We tried to warn you!!! It's a good thing he's cute!

kelleen said...

SO sorry!!! you are welcome to come escape here (or send them away here)anytime--hang in there!love the dark closet idea;i'll have to use that sometime :)

What's up with the Walkers! said...

I completely understand as i also have a completely adorable 2 year old, and that has to be why they are so cute. I swear I can tell you the day and time he mysteriously turned 2 and became a crazy little boy. I thought Preston was hard to keep up with before, now I'm not sure if I'll survive his second year. Good luck, keep the stories coming, it makes me feel better about our daily struggles:)