Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And we are how far along???

Yep, at 13.5 and 14.5 weeks preggo we are looking a bit more like 20 weeks or so...hmmm, the end size could be interesting. ;)

Kelli (on the right) and I are exactly one week apart, her being the further week-punk. :)


kelleen said...

you are too cute--lve the prego belly. the two of you could be twins from the side--totally crazy! The size issue is a total 3rd baby thing (don't worry, just gives you more time for people to ooh and ahh over you and with how in shape you are it will come off just as fast!) I thi:)

The Caltons said...

wow! So cute!! And, I can't believe your that big already, not that I would know from direct experience, but I think Kelleen is right... more time for people to ooh and aah over that cute belly! :)

Colton Anne said...

How fun being so close together!! Didn't know Kellie was expecting again...that's exciting for you both...and the third one got me on the weight gain!! Now the challenge is getting it off!! :) Hope you are feeling well!