Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Boy...can't even believe it!

It is hard to believe this little guy, er-big guy, is already 2!!! I really do remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. He is such a joy in this family and I am so glad that we had him when we did-even though there were points during that pregnancy (like when I was still nursing Maddie) that I thought we were crazy for having kids so close. He's perfect in every way and we couldn't imagine life without him. We love how he LOVES to snuggle and are grateful even for the moments when it gets to be a bit much. He absolutely adores his big sister and can't wait to see her when he wakes up from sleeping. His Daddy seems to already be his hero and of course, Mom is at the center of his heart...which I obviously LOVE! He loves babies, dogs, anything sweet, and LOVES the water...he'd be a fish in another life-if we believed in that. ;) There is nothing sweeter than hearing his little voice say I love you and to feel his little big hand in ours. We love you Patchy and are so glad you are a part of our family and how much happier you make all of us!
Happy Birthday sweet boy!

His birthday was had in the early morning before Daddy left for work because he was in school that night. So donuts instead of cake. Look at him eyeing those candles!

Not real thrilled Daddy blew them out apparently. ;)

Now this is a good way to start out the day...a sugar high!

Opening a few of his gifts, he loves his airplane Meema and Pampa!

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Melinda said...

Wow. Such an exciting day. It seems like he is soooo much older than Raina that it is weird to think that he just turned 2!

Congrats on the new baby.