Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grandma's Day Camp

Mike's Mom and her sister have started something in the past...2years?...I think, called Grandma's Day Camp. Since all their grandbabies, minus us, live close they have a camp for about a week I believe. Well, this year they timed it while we were there-YAY! They take the kids-10 of them- and do stuff each day...and the parents get the day off. We got to be there for 2 days and it was a lot of fun. They sang songs, my children's favorite being the MILK song-hilarious, made t-shirts, made license plates and flags for their bicycle parade, made notebooks to color in and record their fun and had a farm day-which Mike and I tagged along for. They went to 3 farms and saw, llamas, chickens-held little chicks, miniature horses which I kept calling ponies (I really didn't know there was a difference...there is and I got laughed at), and we went to the Shatto Dairy Farm and got to milk a cow, learn all about cows and got to tast different milks and cheeses that they produce in MO. I need to add that the milk, and I don't like milk, was DEE-LI-CIOUS!


One of my favoritw pics of the trip...too cute. Brody and Kallie were Patrick's best buddies.

She can touch a snake, hold a chick and all sorts of things but milking a cow wasn't her thing.
Yep, that's ME and Patcrick milking a cow...I swore I would never nurse again...we'll see if it holds up. ;)

So tuckered out


Kate said...

just give me that milk- MOO MOO MOO MOO!

kelleen said...

so cute! What a great idea to have a grandma camp-- some time to yourselves+ the kids spoiled by people who love them= win win!!! Love the new family pic :)