Monday, September 13, 2010

24 weeks...

I had to get a mirror shot or I was going to forget all together, so this is as good as it gets this time around. Nice slouch huh?!

The little the lady and I are doing very good at this point in time, and thankfully have been throughout the entire pregnancy. She is definitely growing but hanging out in the lower area still. She LOVES to have trampoline time on my bladder and does so frequently. My appt. went great and her heart beat was strong and easy to find. The Dr. had no thoughts on my legs and how bad they hurt-since there is no swelling (thank-goodness) she didn't seem overly concerned-so that's good, I guess. I am measuring exact and am gaining weight like a champ...the most favorite part. ;) Maddie is winning Mike over on the name her and I long as we get a cat when we have our own house-yuck. Yep, that was what he told her, no lie. A cat for a life-long and beyond name of a child...nice honey. I want a dog.

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Emily Green said...

You look amazing!!!

Dogs are way better than cats any day. Maddie needs to start convincing Mike of this now. lol