Monday, September 20, 2010

Oy and Awesome!

We had a great weekend, with no pictures to prove it.
We went upto Jamie's house and enjoyed a nice weekend of yard sale-ing, temple going, good food and great/funny company. It is nice having some family close now-we love it.

Speaking of the yard sale-ing, I am excited to show the "yet another thing added to the list of projects" great new (to me) desk that I got for my "sewing desk"! It's an old style and solid wood and beautiful! Funny thing was just before that sale we had gone to another one and they had an almost identical desk for 25$. I saw it and fell in love at that one but $25 seemed to be a bit much for such an old desk. I was still kicking myself a little when we left because it was "just perfect" We headed to another sale and my sister got out and told me beofre we got up to it that these people have mulitple sales a year and there stuff is ALWAYS over-priced (like store-prices for old stuff). Well, they held true to that EXCEPT for this nice little desk. A $10 steal!!! I would put a pic up now but as of right now, my camera is not working...(here we plug in that we have a 2 year-old boy who got his hands on it the other day...hence the "OY" part of the title) Can't wait to show off the before and after to pick a color and refinish this baby...and then to more sewing!

Kids are doing great, as usual. The missy of the household has had some "Sassy Pants" on for the last few days, so that has been rather interesting. Patch won't leave his Daddy alone and wouldn't go #2 on the potty at all while we were in DC-yay. Miss baby is doing great and moving ALL OVER the place-it's awesome! Daddy is doing great as well, a bit tired-as usual but doing great at work and in his school work. And me, as good as can be expected! I have finally gotten a tad bit of energy. Well, it comes the last bit of the day and so I don't get to bed early because I need to get everything done and then I am tired for the first half, maybe more sometimes, of the next day. It's a vicious cycle-but I will take any energy I can get, no matter when it comes!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a good looking start to their week!

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Mandy said...

gotta see that desk!