Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Oh, it was so nice to be with family again this year!
Last year, we were blessed to have Mike's brother and his wife, Aaron and Margie, come to our house for the big feast and this year, we were blessed again to be with my sister and her family, the Gibson clan!
We had a great time, great food, and great when I screwed up boxed Graham Cracker crust...yep, I did it. Following directions apparently seems to be a weakness of mine. :)

So, to cover the last few days of postlessness and no "giving thanks" moments...I lump all my thanks into 2 things.
First and foremost my Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him I wouldn't be able to give thanks for any of things that I do and that I have-for with Him I have everything and all that matters.
Secondly. for the family that I get to call mine and that ranges wide. All the extended family, parents, siblings, my sweet husband and my two (almost 3) beautiful children. My life is everything that I ever wanted, truly, and I have thought a lot about that lately. My dreams have come true and I am not sure how I could be more blessed in this life than I already am.

Hope your Turkey Day was, gobble, gobble, DEE-LICIOUS!

We spent the day enjoying some family time, playing the Wii (Mike had a blast)!

I love that Chase is such a cheeser-man! (we did some laundry, obviously, too)

Then we enjoyed our feast...sweet Peyton missed out-she was pooped exhausted!

Oh, see that small party of people??? Yeah, we had a 24 lb turkey! Not kidding-and you know what? It was goooood! Oh, and we had the best turkey gravy ever made...truly. I know, you are sad you missed out on our crazy party!

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