Monday, November 29, 2010

A sad farewell...

We sadly say, "So long," to our Shoes.
You led a good life and brought much happiness and joy to our sweet little Maddie. You swam like no other and got scared like no other. You were cool and blue and it was cool that you knew when it was time to eat by us shaking the food bottle above you. Had we been a little more thoughtful and not turned the heat off while we were gone the last few days maybe I wouldn't be writing this farewell post. And maybe I wouldn't be dreading having to get another fish...I did like you but not so much your smelly-ness. You did last for almost 2.5 years though-you had a good run swim. Maddie did love you, she bawled last night as we gave her the news but was tough enough to give you the flush and wave you on your swirly twirly way-all while the tears flowed effortlessly down her sweet cheeks.
So long Shoes, may there be an abundance of food, warmth and other fish on the other side.
Til' we meet again, til' we meet again.

No, this is not our fish, goodness I only wish his water would have EVER been that clear! :)


Erin said...

Oh how sweet! Poor Maddie- good thing there's plenty of Beta Fish at Walmart!

Megan and Jeff said...

So sorry about the fish - but that was a pretty comical post! It's amazing how even a small fish can stink and not be wanted as a pet! I'm sure Maddie will have fun picking out another one though. Good luck with your last few weeks!