Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Broken Bowls and other nonsense

Yesterday marked the day that I broke, errr, one of the kiddos possibly, the first bowl of our set in over 5 years! I really was so sad, which yes, is very silly. BUT, I can't buy these anymore and I LOVE them! They're heavy and white, perfect cereal/soup bowls , and I bought them when I headed to school out west. We never needed a new set when we got married and they have held up great.
Sad day...
but, does that mean in the near future I will get new dinnerware???? ;)

Also, the baby's room is almost completely done and organized (minus the toys that Patch brought in there and dumped all over the place, while I was working yesterday to get everything put away and the mass amounts of clothes this little lady has that needed to be packed away until she chunks out and grows a bit). It is heavy coated in pink and I love it! It is funny that we do this, get baby rooms done before the baby comes, they sleep in our room for the first almost 2 months of their life.

I had a blast, for a few hours while Maddie was gone yesterday, to just play with Patrick. While I still seemed to be so busy I got him down and tickled him like crazy. That kid has the best laugh in the world! And he is so stinkin' funny too. After their flu shots he went up and put his arms around Maddie and said, "I so pwoud of you Madiwynn." The lady and I started laughing, it was too cute. He is such a joy and I know he is going to be a great big brother-he already tells her (the baby) sorry when he hurts my belly. I can't wait to see what is in store.

Seriously, how did we get such a cutie?!
Don't you just want to smother those sweet cheeks in kisses?!

oh, update on my 36 week appt. last week (I forgot that yesterday). It went well, my blood pressure was quite a bit higher than it usually is but not in the worry zone...thankfully. I am now the biggest I have ever been (belly size and weight) so hopefully this baby comes out a chunker (we'll see). My Dr. checked me and laughed as she said, "Oh, this is almost the exact same scene I remember about 2 years ago with you." In other words, nope-nada-nothin'. Why is she checking me if I am a scheduled c-section? Well, if I HAPPENED to dilate and go into "progressive" labor then we might consider v-backing. I don't think I will be checked from here on out though considering this appt. AND my history. Little missy's heart beat was great and Mike got to hear it, since he showed up and surprised me for the appt. Things are good and we are now under 2 weeks to deliver! She has lots of bows made and Mommy just needs to fix and make a few more pairs of baby legs and we should be set!


Erin said...

Awww... Patrick is such a sweet brother. You and Mike are raising such beautiful, sweet, and smart kiddos. I love going to nursery and playing with them.

Thanks again for watching Delia- you are one of the very few people in the world I trust with her! I hope you guys enjoyed the whoopies!

Steph said...

Few! You're makin' me tired! ;) I can't believe your date is here!!! Congratulations. You must be feeling SO happy :) You'll have to post pics of the newest little model in her new bows and leggings! Good luck with it all!!!