Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Clause...

They got so excited to see Santa and to tell him what they wanted for Christmas-Maddie especially.
Well, they get up to him and we had to FORCE her to sit on his lap! Patrick did alright but he didn't really want to look at him. We went to Bass Pro to see him and I am so glad we made the mini trip there. They have no problem with you taking your own picture-plus, they give you a free one that they take and 2 free meals for the kids at their restaurant! And Santa was so nice too! (we have had a grumpy one before) The picture they took is hilarious and if we had a scanner I would put it up here-no smiles, just looks of fear. My picture I at least got Maddie to smile! It was fun and they did manage to get out what they wanted for it's back to the drawing board of explaining the TRUE meaning of Christmas...we are working on that AGAIN this year.

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GreatHandsDesigns said...

Too cute. What a little diva! Merry Christmas!