Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fabulous 4 year old...

Our sweet girl is 4 today!
The time goes by so fast and it is hard to fathom how tiny they start out and then in how such a short time they are so big! This sweet and precious little girl has given us so much and taught us so much. I got to reminisce through baby pictures of her today and Mike and I both commented as to how we feel like it was her we just brought home from the hospital. She has grown so much and has a beautiful spirit about her...a bit sassy but still incredibly beautiful! We love that she is so smart in so many ways. We love that she is so independent-she'll will definitely be able to hold her own someday. We love that she is such a great big sister and that she loves her siblings so deeply. We love how motherly she is. We love that she LOVES the camera and to make goofy poses and faces for it. We love that she loves the gospel, the Savior and the temple. There are so many more things about her but we just lover her for her and all that that encompasses.

Happy Birthday sweet Madilynn, we hope this is a great year of learning, growth and happiness for you!

How is it that they can go from so tiny...

to so incredibly big and old so quickly??

She requested cinnamon rolls for her breakfast...
she also requested homemade pizza for dinner and white cupcakes with pink icing and she had to help of course.
AND she was a BIG girl and got her ears pierced!!! She wanted it all week and then we got there and she hesitated for like a good 3 minutes and then after an ultimatum she popped her head up and did it. She made a whiny sound and that was it! People were watching out in the mall and said they were very impressed with how well she were we! Good job cute girl! And yes, she is wearing her new Rapunzel dress at the mall-with her rain boots as well! And this is a lovely shot of her post pizza face and trying to get a good earring shot. :)

We love you Maddie!!

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