Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Garbage Grabbers and Blindfolds

Madilynn hears everything...and I do mean EVERYTHING. She can be on one SIDE of the house and me on the other on the phone; I can say "stupid" or "hate" during that conversation, not thinking, and then all of the sudden I hear a little girl, that I cannot see, hollering at me, "We don't say that Mom!" She keeps me and kept Meemaa on our toes, or in the doghouse rather, all the time.
Anyway, Meemaa was talking about how much trash was outside during our drive home the today. The kids were yackin' back and forth in the backseat. Then somewhere between Meemaa and I's conversation and Maddie and Patch's conversation Maddie tells me that we need to go on a walk and pick up garbage.
Kind of strange?
Well, this little lady can't stand it that people throw trash on the ground. She never let it go and the weather happened to be nice so...we went on a Garbage Walk. They both found bags (Patch actually got a whole trash bag, pretty funny to watch him try and walk without tripping on it) and off we went.
It almost made me ill to watch them pick up some stuff and then to see how much trash people really throw out there. They were quite proud of themselves when we got back though and talked about "the next time" we go.



I am proud though of my little garbage grabbers for being so "earth minded".

We got home this evening and opened up the car seat cover to find our baby blindfolded and seeming to enjoy the "darkness" it provided for a nice nap.

Meemaa leaves in the morning and we are sad...being with family is always bittersweet. It is always wonderful to be with them and spend time and then it totally stinks when they, or you, leave and you realize you are not sure the next time you will see them. It was great having her here (whether it was tons of fun for her we can't be sure:) and we are more grateful than we can express. So, if I don't blog for a while it's because I am learning to be a mother of 3 by myself (hubby is back in school and has a crazy busy semester)...but if I don't lack at all then it is for sanity reasons! :)



Colton Anne said...

That is cute with them picking up the trash! And Makinley is so cute!! :)

Carrie said...

Shannon, you are the best blogger. You haven't even slacked once since having Makinley. You go girl. I love the blessing pictures, she is so beautiful. Your family pics made my heart melt. You guys are such a beaming family:)