Sunday, January 2, 2011

Long Awaited...

I know, I know, we haven't posted in a while and I have heard ALL about it.
I got on the computer for the first time yesterday...or maybe it was the day before-I don't know and can you blame me?? My days are running together like crazy. At one point I can't believe that my baby is already almost 2 weeks old but at the same time I feel like she is so much older...I keep saying things like, "The other week she..." did this or that but-she's not even 2 weeks old! It's crazy what time seems like with a new baby and 2 other kiddos. It is pure bliss though. We couldn't feel more blessed to have Miss Makinley here with us. Her sweet spirit radiates throughout our home and I LOVE it and her. She is a pretty laid back little lady, she is pretty quiet, except for last night. She had a tummy ache and let me tell you, her "pain cry" was horrible-I cried, no joke. But luckily she got it all out-if you know what I mean-ate and then went to sleep like a big girl. She doesn't sleep great at night but we will get there. She is gaining weight like a champ and needs to since she is so incredibly tiny for our babies. She was already an ounce away from birth weight at the 1 week mark (we had already been to the Dr. 2x's by that point since she ended up being a bit jaundice by the day we went home). Her legs have already started filling out some and her tummy too. She is adorable!

Maddie and Patrick are doing pretty good too. Maddie started Primary today...tear tear, sniff sniff. I can't believe it-she is soooo old! She will be 4 in just 2 short weeks! She is such the mother-which we all predicted she would be. She does need to learn the concept of being more gentle but again, that is something we will get to. Patrick is coming around more everyday too. He has now held Makinley a couple of times-finally-and every morning he comes into the room asking where she is and gives her kisses then and before bed. He is coming around with me too. He was pretty mad (?) at me, I say that with question because that is my only way of explaining it but I still don't know if that is the right word to use. He has become Daddy's 3rd hip in the last couple of weeks but I am a little nervous for what that will bring tomorrow when Daddy goes back to work...another "we will get there" thing I suppose.

So, life is good and we are happy, tired, but happy. I would like to personally thank all those who have helped us over the last 2 weeks. Jeni-for watching my kids the day we had her. Jamie and fam.-for coming and watching the kids so Mike could be at the hospital more with me and bond with the little one. Diane and fam and Jamie-for doing some "extra" helpful cleaning hours before we came home from the hospital. The numerous friends that came to hospital and who have brought us food to help through the transition and before Mike's mom came out. And, to Mike's Mom-Jennifer-for being here with us. I know my mom wishes she could be here as well-don't worry Mom, I know you want to be here and that means a whole lot-we love you too and thank you for your love. Thanks to all of you for your wishes of congrats and your love. You all mean a lot to us and we are eternally grateful for each of you!

Now, after that are some pics-the most important part!!!

Comin' home from the hospital in the same dress Mommy came home in, and Maddie.
First family picture

Captured the start of the smile.

Bubby's first time holding Makinley-he's telling the camera "cheese!"

Snugglin' with Meema

As of now, this is my favorite picture-she just looks beautiful!

Do you think she loves her??

I love the way that both of his girls are looking at him-priceless.

  More pics to come and Christmas pics as well. Time to play catch-up!


Lisa R said...

She is so precious!!! Thanks for the update and congrats! You are so good at having it all together, I can learn a lot from you!

Natalie said...

Beautiful family! You look great Shannon...congrats!

Kristal said...

You have a beautiful family Shannon! She is just perfect and sooo pretty! I also love the picture of her in the zebra blanket and of the girls looking at Mike, it's priceless! I'm glad you are doing good and I hope you're recovery is fast. Get some rest if you can.

kelleen said...

she is so beautiful& looks really alert too! thanks for posting those sweet pics.

Debbie Lunt said...

Even though I looked at the pics while talking with you on the phone the other day, I did not get a chance to read your post until now. Thank you for knowing how much I want to be there. You do look beautiful and the kiddos are so cute.
Tell Maddie how excited I am that she is such a big girl to be in Primary now. She makes me smile every time I se a picture of her.

I love you all

The Caltons said...

Yay! :) I am so glad you added pictures and a little update. Your little family (well it's bigger now) is so beautiful and Makinley is precious!! Congratulations again! :)

Evan and Jamie said...

She sure is beautiful!