Friday, February 25, 2011

Healthy Shmealthy...

It has been a struggle trying to get off the baby weight that I gained. I had been trying really hard though, like consciously trying, for the past couple of weeks. I was making pretty good progress with all the exercising and healthier eating-not so much losing but feeling better and losing inches. Well, I am naturally a lover of salad and so eating that regularly is no problem-and so I have been, and a lot of it. (oh and that progress all went out the window with being in the hospital with the little one and all the yummy chocolate that my sweet friends brought-I couldn't waste all of it!)

So, my kids have picked up the love of salad as well...but not quite in the same way.
This is what was the desired menu of a 4 and 2.5 year old today

We like to take "healthy" food and make it into...well, "not-healthy" food.
But it sure does taste good!

(and NO, my salad did NOT look like that,thank you very much)


kelleen said...

looks yummy to me!

The Juries!! said...

Was this followed up with fruit snacks??

Erin said...

PERFECT!!! So funny!