Monday, May 2, 2011


Do you ever have those weekends that are FINALLY over?
They aren' t bad weekends, just super uper duper busy?

That was our weekend, and I feel like today we can breathe a little.


I wish Mike was here to enjoy a day of breathing though.
That poor man, he is having one busy semester.
Between work, school, church, and family-he is a tired guy.
But he is doing such a great job!


he will walk across that stage THIS month!!!!


I can't believe we can say that.
(do you like the  "we" in that sentence?)

Yes, he still has a class after that but...ehhh-it's only 6 more weeks and then he will be completely done!

do you feel the excitement too?

oh you should!

Then the breathing will really begin, and some great, overdue, family time.


My Monday Lovely will come tonight-I need to go get some laundry folded and floors vacuumed. The kiddies and I will be enjoying a day outside this afternoon.
The landlord is coming and painting some walls (finally) and so the sunshine will be our friend during that time...and some serious weeds will be our enemies.

At least I have a cute, goofy boy to keep me entertained while I pull weeds!

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