Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day to Remember

Memorial Day, in all honesty, used to pass-for me-as another day, just one where we didn't have school or work (which of course I loved). I never really thought much about it.
As with time though, I have come to love this holiday and very much appreciate it and celebrate it.
Time-and having family members who we celebrate today.
I am proud to have family in the armed forces, family members who protect and serve this country, who leave their families for months at a time, who put their lives on the line all in the name of freedom.
This past week my brother (who is currently deployed to Afghanistan) had to suffer the loss of 2 of his friends and having another friend be severely injured. One of them being a young married man who was planning to start his family when he got back, in just a couple short months. The others being sons, possibly brothers, and friends.
We are blessed, blessed by these individuals who so willingly
 volunteer to take care of us and all that we hold dear.
I honor and salute them today and always.

Thank you Evan and Andy...We are so very proud of you and thankful to you.

(Andy's on the left)

(I stole this pic off FB abd edited it a bit...hope you don't mind buddy!)

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