Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's Day

What a great day it was,
with a great Daddy to spoil,
some yummy food
good pictures
and good memories.

pictures for work and the kids picked out a game that they wanted Daddy to play with them...
and let's not forget his "Superdad" card! (Patch picked that)

My first attempt with Mikey's favorite-homemade chicken fried steak and gravy.
I'll add less salt next time, but it was a success!
(now if we could get the house to smell back to normal)

My sister always comments about how crazy things can be when we go to take a picture and then the second we tell the kids to smile for the pic, we get this great pic and she can't understand it. Well, I took one of what was going on prior to saying cheese.
Patch is whining that his tummy hurt (maybe said food wasn't so successful :)
Maddie, I think, has bubble in her mouth.
And I think you can imagine the noise level at this point. :)


Now, give me some crazy!

And some more!

and some more!

And one more!
(I love that Maddie was trying to get her monkey face on but didn't quite get there...
and that Makinley is giving a smile that says, "Man these people are CUH-RA-ZY!")

To the amazing men in my life, my sweet husband, my Dad, Rob, my father-in-law Paul, and my grandfathers (those who are and aren't still here) I love you so much.
Thank you for being such great men. For being fathers that love so deeply and for being exactly what I and all your children/grandchildren need.

And to the men in our life that maybe sometimes don't get the appreciation they deserve
the uncles and the great friends-we love you too and thank you for setting such great examples of what love and fatherhood is all about-even if you aren't yet fathers.

Happy Father's Day.

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Carolina said...

I have just been reading your blog on my google reader, and looked today at your actual site. I love your new header, you always have super cute themes!

You DO always have perfect pictures of your little people, so I also appreciate the "before" picture! haha. Happy Father's Day to Mike!! I can only imagine what an amazing father he must really be :D