Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Bubs had his first ever birthday party this year.
I am glad he just wanted it small, it made it a lot easier!
I know, I am really late getting this up, and did a cop-out collage instead of editing
 all the pics like I normally do.
Well, sometimes it just happens.
Anyway, we grilled out (he wanted hot dogs and Mac'n'Cheese)
and had a water party-water guns, pool...hose! I got creamed right towards the end of the party-the kids got me, and they got me good with the water guns
(who knew $1 store water squirters had such power?!)
so, I busted out the big guns-the hose, and it was pretty funny.
Patch had a great time and didn't even mind that his cupcakes (his request)
turned pink and purple rather than red and black.
(don't get me started-Wiltons dye...)

What a big boy he is now! And what a sweet boy!

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