Tuesday, June 7, 2011

She's got tricks folks...

Miss Makinley is at one of my most favorite ages ever, or working her way into it.

And I LOVE it!

She's got LOTS of tricks!

-She laughs, A LOT.

-She squeals when she is excited (and very loudly I might add)

-She has just started coughing at you if you cough at her-it is pretty hilarious

-She said Ma-ma for the first time last night

-And then she said Da-da later...
but she did say Ma-ma first-just had to point that out. ;)
(that's a first from our kids)

-She eats food like a champ now

-She sucks her thumb

-She rolls all over the place

-She tries to get  up on all fours and has done it twice for like a second each time

-She sleeps with her bum in the air

-She's teething (and she is teething fairly well)

-She chews on her tongue due to said teething

-She chews on everything for that matter

-She loves to feel your face with her hand (my most favorite thing EVER)

her newest trick you ask??

-She likes to contract pink eye

yet, she remains giggly and happy and the best baby!

*Editor's note: She now has it in both eyes*


The Juries!! said...

give her a squeeze for Jocie and Me!!!

Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

Hope you guys are feeling better!!