Thursday, July 14, 2011

love me some maddie girl

For the past little while, I have strongly felt this feeling of not being a good mom.
I don't share this for pity comments, please, maybe you have just related to this feeling.
It really is such a raunchy feeling. I felt like I wasn't doing the things I needed to be doing-and I wasn't-and I felt like I just wasn't cutting it as a mom. It was really strong for a couple of weeks and hard to deal with, come on, who likes to feel like a failure at their most important job?? No worries, the feelings have dissipated a bit, I truly don't know that any mother ever feels like they are a great mother, or a perfect one-and I have come to realize that-it is just how we deal with it and what we learn from it when we feel that way.

Well, tonight my sweet sweet Maddie who I adore and love so very much melted my heart and gave me hope and confidence.
I truly know that we, each of you as well (even those who have yet to have children), are blessed/will be blessed with the children that not only need US but that WE need as well.

Tonight Maddie got say the family prayer and before she closed her prayer this is what she said,
"And please help me to grow up so I can be like Mommy."
And then she smiled that oh so big and silly Maddie smile as she looked right at me.

I felt so much emotion, happiness, when she said that and my eyes are filled to the brim as I type it. I just love that sweet and innocent children so often are the ones who give us what we need.
They are so often where we feel the love of our Heavenly Father-and tonight and always will I be grateful for that.

Love you Maddie girl, you will be one great Momma one day...

one day in the WAY FAR FUTURE! ;)

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