Tuesday, August 30, 2011

bad mood

that's me today.
i am a bad mood, not just in a bad mood.
that's probably not so good.
it happens though so...
i am a week now of being sick and i am just done already.
i thought, as of yesterday, that i was starting to feel better (although i sounded downright terrible)
but i woke up today and both of my eyes (rather than just the right one that has been for the last week) are both REALLY red and squinty looking. my nose is nastier than it has been yet and...
i am just done.
we have been waiting on some news and just found out this morning that more waiting will occur and frankly, it makes me mad a little, and emotional and...i don't know, lots of things.
makinley has been severely whiny for the last few days, which followed being sick
all last week. i don't like it when i have no ideas on how to soothe my always happy/smiley baby. i can't MAKE her teeth come in-but man i sure can wish they would hurry on up.
my other cute kids want to get out of the house already and i can't/shouldn't be frustrated that they are going crazy.

wow, could this be any more of a whine-fest? well, i probably could make it more so but...
i'll be done for now. :)

are you ever a bad mood? how do you deal with it?

and please don't feel sorry for me...there is no reason too, it happens to all of us.

at least i have this little guy to come up to me randomly throughout the day and say,

"i like you mommy. i love you mommy, i do."


Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

Oh my heck, I am so sorry there is MORE waiting! I know exactly how that feels. Try to keep busy, thats the only remedy. I think the longer you wait, the better things unfold! It stinks though!

So sorry you guys are icky and sick. I sure hope you feel better soon. Do you guys need anything! Chocolate? That always fixes things!
You guys are in our prayers!!



Melinda said...

I am very happy to know that I am not the only one who gets ornery when I am overwhelmed by life!