Tuesday, August 2, 2011

oh monday...

i often loathe you.
you are a day that is filled with laundry, computer, and cleaning.
i so often find myself exhausted when you roll yourself around to start my week.
you take my husband away, except if it happens to be a holiday
(i appreciate you so much more on those special days).
in all honesty, i just don't usually like you much.

however, yesterday, you were a lovely monday-and i welcomed you.

you made me and my kids happy when you allowed us to do this

she was all shades of excited that there was a pool AND sprayers. she also enjoyed making new friends as she played and splashed in the perfectly cooled water.

this little guy enjoyed taking those said friend's, water toys/boats and zooming them around the water, while also taking quite a few trips to the potty since he gets far too much water in his mouth still.

oh and then there's this little lady, who quickly fell asleep in the not too hot heat, as her pudgy little belly and legs hung out of her swimsuit. she also enjoyed splashing in the nice water and pulling away at momma's colorful swimsuit.

thank you monday, for not being so ugly this particular day...thank you for being a beautiful day and  for starting my week off so much nicer!

now tuesday, we're going to have to have a talk today about all this laundry that now needs to be caught up on...

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Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

Awhhh, love days like that. There's something so relaxing about going to the pool. An added bonus is that kids somehow tend to sleep better after playing in the pool :) Love lazy days!!! Glad it was fun for you guys.