Thursday, September 22, 2011


I love the beginning of fall.
The weather slowly starts cooling,
the leaves slowly start changing colors,
the rain starts,
and you find yourselves indoors enjoying time together as a family-life seems to just slow down a bit.
I also enjoy kids doing crazy things because you are in the house so much!

I am looking forward to sweaters and boots,
and let's not forget sweatshirts too,
apple cider and hot chocolate,
(which we did already have on a 60 degree day last week),
fall smells,
pretty leaves,
and nice cool walks.

I look forward to kids coming up with more crazy things to do as well...
and maybe I'm a little scared about that too! ;)


kelleen said...

I love Fall too--its my favorite! Now that things are slowing down a bit we need to hang!

Carolina said...

Aaah! You post made me sad. I MISS fall!!! This is the time of year when it is painful to live in Florida. Someday I will have my seasons again, and I will miss the beach. Enjoy your wonderful Fall!!