Monday, October 10, 2011


maddie was given her first assignment to speak in primary at church.
she was to speak on prayer and give a ya know, like 1-2 minute little talk on prayer.
yesterday was the day.
she got up there confidently with me by her side to help along and...
gave the talk. she did stay by my side the whole time so we praised her for that but
not a word would escape those cute little, usually so talkative, lips.
after finished her leader said, "well, great job to ummmm, sister jury and wow maddie,
I've never heard you so quiet!"
HAHAHA-she's always a talker (not sure WHO she gets THAT from:).
Oh well, again, at least she made it to the pulpit!

And, I did find my glasses-they were at the church.
But still no memory card-oy!

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What's up with the Walkers! said...

How funny, that is exactly what happened to me when Ashlyn had to give a talk a few weeks ago in Primary. I gave the talk, while she stood right by my side, wouldn't say a word, would barely even look at the kids!