Friday, December 2, 2011

here goes

let's see, where to begin...
the kids did WAY good on our trip to MO. We drove through the night, once Mike got off of work. With a couple of stops, we rolled through good ole St. Louis, viewing that lovely Arch, after only 13 hours. We made good time. We slowly made our way to KC by lunch time-making a couple stops along the way. We spent the weekend with Mike's side of the family, and we had a wonderful-pretty low key-weekend...perfect. It was great to see all the grandkids together and to see how incredibly old and big our nephew and nieces have gotten. It stinks being so far away and only seeing them through pics and very occasional visits.
The siblings and spouses (other than Aaron and Margie-since they were working) and then Mike's cousin Mandy and her husband Trevor went out for dinner one night and then the ladies went and saw "Breaking Dawn". It was a great night. The movie was the best of the 4 for sure and I even got teary-eyed at the least you can count on me for tears in a Vampire movie. ;) There were some parts that made me a bit queasy so beware (I like to think I have a strong stomach too).
We attempted to do "grandkid" shots and Patch just didn't want to participate, and so he bawled-fabulous (he does have such a cute bawl face though). We got to see the temple progress, just beautiful-can't wait for it to have it's open house and dedication come summertime (hopefully).
Monday, we headed back to Columbia (where I from and where me and the honey-buns met), we saw our fabulous friends, the Creeds, and then headed to Moberly to visit my mom and bake a little with my sisters before our big family reunion. That was a fun time as the Christmas SheDaisy played in the background and we danced like fools. We were there for a few hours and then headed back to CoMo to stay with Aaron and Margie. I loved seeing their home and being where they live, they are just an amazing couple and we had a great time chatting it up. Patch was REALLY comfortable there as he ran around like crazy and let some bodily noises be heard. (oh dear)

Tuesday began more fun and some serious CRAZINESS! We made a serious Sam's Club trip and then made our way to the Lake of the Ozarks where we had a rented a "7 bedroom house".
We got there to find that 2 of the "bedrooms" were closets with beds...interesting but we made do-able. 2 others were in a "cottage" which was a shed type thing split into two rooms with cement again but not quite what we were expecting.
So, that day we all got situated and tried to get set for the week only to have the laundry room in the basment flood-like serious standing water-and one of the upstairs bathrooms flood as well (which we then decided to just lock and not use for the whole trip because it was a finicky toilet), so we went down to 2 toilets for 26+ people.
It was interesting...and you will see why shortly.
My Dad and Nan came that night and I think they loved being surrounded by all the kiddos-it was a pretty amazing site to behold. And I loved seeing Nan with 16 of her great grandbabies-they all just adored her, especially the little babies.
Wednesday was pretty low key-we baked and got things ready for Thanksgiving. Our Pappy came and the fun of having so many of kids meet him for the first time (my kids being some of them). He was one proud great grandfather-you could see it all over his face. The kids all played so well together and I am still thoroughly amazed at how well 16 little kiddies, 7 and under, could just jive so good together.
We did quickly realize, by the way, that if you wanted a shower-a warm one especially-you either had to take it at night, a good time after the kiddos went to bed, or make sure you were one of the first ones up. Poor Nicki, I think she only ever got enough warm water to get wet and then the whole rest of it was cold!
Thursday morning brought my mom and Rob and Terra and Michelle. Again, the excitment of all the grandbabies/neices and nephews in one area began and it was just as fun as when the first grandpa/great grandma came. It warmed my heart.
Oh, back track a few hours...Kelli peeps her head into our room-early-and says, "Shannon, we need your help upstairs...the turkey burned."
She proceeds to tell Nicki the same-since she is in our closet sleeping-and we all head upstairs. I was sniffing the whole way because I couldn't smell burnt anything.
It really wasn't burned but it did overcook and turned out pretty dry, which was a disappointment and kind of a long story that I am NOT going to get into. Kell's comment getting us up though ended up being the quote of the trip-it was pretty funny. Everything else, food wise turned out great. We did have 2 oven fires that morning though-good size ones too by the way. We ate good and then cleaned up and hung out resting and then it started...

the puking.
and then the "you know what" that I won't type.
The big "D" if you didn't catch on.
Around 25 of us ended up sick while still there. Friday we all just sat around in our beds, some laying outside one of the 2 bathrooms we could use, and others on the floor and couch with bowls in the "entertainment" room. If you're gonna have food poisoning and be vomitting you might as well have good company while doing it. (and we are pretty sure it was the turkey) The house didn't smell so pleasant, we'll just say that. However, by Friday evening we felt well enough to play a second round of Minute To Win It and it was a blast, exhausting but a blast. (the first round we played with my dad and nan-Wednesday night, equally as fun) Saturday we cleaned house and boogied on out of there, sad to say goodbye to eachother and not so sad to say goodbye to the house. ;)

Madds got sick in the van when we hit the St. Louis area on the way home Saturday-yuck. So we made an impromtu stay at my Dad's, cleaned out the van, did a load of smelly laundry, gave baths/took showers, and got a little, much needed, sleep-madds puked 2x's that night hence the "little, much needed, sleep". Then the trek home began. It took a lot longer since the kids were all awake this time around and more stops were necessary. However, rolling into our driveway at 10 pm that night felt like being a kid in a candy store. And the kids felt the same I am sure of it. Makinley was awake, since she doesn't like to sleep in the car, and she went all over the house playing and squealing excitedly with Patrick, who had taken a late nap and was wired and excited to be home as well. Madds was conked out but she was all smiles the next morning. Mike and I were just excited to sleep in our own bed again. And the kids were too apparently since they didn't wake uip until 8 the next morning!

The trip was wonderful even if lots of things didn't go as planned. This was our first family reunion on my side and we defintely learned a lot from it and how to be WAY more prepared for next time. We loved being with our family though, both sides, and that, even amongst all the chaos, made the trip a success. I love you all and look forward to the next time we are together again!

Oh, and the excitement of the reunion was finding out we are going to be adding a new niece or nephew to my side of the family come July...can't tell you who since I am not sure if they are announcing it to anyone else yet...oh the suspense, I know!

Could this be any longer?! WEll, knowing me and how I talk-yes, yes, it could! ;)
I only got the one picture I posted before of my side so no new ones until my family members send some way but here are some Kate got while we were with Mike's fam. Here's just a few, I will put more up off and on throughout the day.

Oh, and it's nice to see that I am not the only one with fetish for taking pictures of my baby! ;)


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Carolina said...

I visited at the same time! I have also had an amazing time, and going home tomorrow will be bittersweet. Loved seeing your pictures!! (and glag 25 people survived the big D with only two bathrooms, yikes!)