Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lights all a glow

We decorated the Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago and the kids couldn't have been more excited!
We had planned on stringing popcorn this time around, for the first time, and I had made all the popcorn and then realized kids 4 and 3 with needles probably wasn't the best idea...and it would take like, forever.
So, the old garland will have to do for now! But the tree itself has seen it's last year; a few days later a whole chunk of it fell-not off just down-it looks pretty sad. OH WELL, I don't mind having to finally get a new one for next year! ;)

Excuse the photo clarity, I just realized recently I can adjust the ISO and white balance, etc on my little point and shoot and had been playing with it earlier in the day and that night, so, my pictures were taken with too high ISO and I never changed it so...this is what we get this time around.

 Makinley thoroughly enjoyed chewing a nerf football while decorating ensued. She looked pretty cute doing it too!

I love pulling out the ornaments and seeing how much we have acquired in the short 6 years we've been married and then remembering where they all came from.
The best is getting out each person's individual ornaments, the kids LOVE that part the most!

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