Wednesday, December 7, 2011

over the weekend

we had an utterly perfect weekend.
i can't even remember friday, which means it wasn't bad. i did stay up too late reading the books i am into right now (the hunger games series). but the books make it worth it, for the most part.
saturday we got up and headed to the richmond city parade. our little family hasn't ever been to a parade. we had a great time. it was cold, so we bundled up, met some friends and enjoyed the rather long parade. the santa clause was incredibly real looking and just fabulous.
we headed home for lunch and rest time. patch and i headed to the grocery store for some much needed food. we came home and made the kiddos dinner. got them cleaned up and showered and to bed. then mike and i enjoyed some cheesecake factory (he went and picked it up) and football. church was more than fantastic sunday-it was just good meetings all around-and then enjoyed our afternoon and evening together as a family.

 i love my family, i really am blessed.

almost there!

Dang! is all I have to say.

It's comin'!

 I liked the hoola-hoopers the best-pretty fan-flippin-tastic.

He was so excited he got to give him a five.

Such excitement and amazement, I love children.

 I am not a big Star Wars person (haven't even seen all the movies) but these guys seemed to be the highlight of the parade.

the girl's in this house kind of go crazy for this guy.

it was such a great time!

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