Friday, December 23, 2011


at 1 year old this cute girl is
19.4 lbs (25%)
29 in long (50%)

she has weened and is drinking whole milk like a champ and has loved "big people food" since about 7.5 months.
she walks (11.5 months)
she waves
she claps
she blows kisses
she gives real kisses-very slobbery mind you
she signed please for the first time yesterday
she says, mama, dada, baby, bye-bye, nigh-nigh, I swear she says Bubba but-no one else has heard that to back me up on it, she said thank-you clear as day one time but refuses to do it again (Mike heard it too) and she yells...a lot. (in a happy way)
she loves baby dolls, she burps them and gives them kisses
she loves the stairs but is good and doesn't even attempt to go down them
she loves drawers, especially the diaper drawer where she proceeds to pull every diaper out and then play with them
she loves pulling all the food out of the cabinets, and the pots and pans
she loves to be upstairs playing with her sister and brother
she loves to sit in the sink and have her hair done
(i think she really likes to pull out all toothbrushes and chew on them)
she loves when her daddy comes home
she's still a Momma's girl (love)
she loves to fake laugh...and it's hilarious.

she's pretty much just awesome.

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